Tuesday, December 10, 2019
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What a Team!

They did it! They made it through the full basketball season. They didn’t win a game all season, as a matter of fact, most games were blow outs. How does an all girl 10 year old team go winless? Here are the possible reasons:

1. They named their team the Pink Lollipops
2. When 10 year old Lisa’s parents went to sign up, they were told there were no teams taking in new girls; the existing teams had been together for the past 3-4 years.
3. There were no other all girl leagues close to where they live.
4. Lisa wasn’t very good, but wanted to play just for fun.
5. The only way to play in this league was to create their own team, which they did.
6. This new team consisted of Lisa’s sister, (8 years old) and her school friends who have only touched a basketball when they help their brothers pick up the toys in the back yard.
7. They could only come up with six girls for the team.
8. The combined experience of those six girls after the first practice was a total of six hours.
9. They couldn’t dribble, pass, shoot, play defense, or rebound. But they were great at fouling, double dribbling, traveling, and they broke the league record for three seconds in the key.
10. When asked what color uniforms they wanted, they ordered pink.
11. They smiled way too much!
12. The end of the season party was a pajama sleep over with the feature movie “Bambi”, rather than going out for pizza and playing video games all night.
13. They had a blast, and have all decided to play again next year!
Hey I want to coach that team next year even though I don’t own a pink t-shirt!


Really enjoyed it. I have 4 kids and soooo often I get caught up with work and don’t spend the time with them. You really made me stop and think. Thanks again.


I was forwarded this article you wrote and it really hit home. I coach my son in basketball and he is 12. I do many other things with him also but find myself taking the most pleasure in watching him perform as an athlete instead of just being my son. This really hit home and I want you to know it will make me a better Dad. I just had to say thanks,
Tom, Re: Springtime
Thanks for your wonderful article on coaching baseball. It brought tears to my husband’s eyes as he recalled coaching our sons, now age 27 and 35, from
t-ball through seniors. What memories!!
Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your
articles..Oh how I wish all parents grandparents and
coaches would take heed!!! Although my grandson is in
high school baseball I seriously thought about sending
his coach some of them!! Keep up the good work and
we’ll hope they take the hint!

Thank you for all your encouragement! It’s great to hear from all of you!

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