Friday, June 5, 2020
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Here we go….. Another “YOU MAKE THE CALL”!

With all my days of coaching and “coaching” coaches, I have come across two extreme styles of coaching (actually a few more), but here I will focus on these two.

I want you to let me know which one of these two coaches you would rather have your son or daughter play for.

For the sake of this article we will say the sport is basketball and the age group is 10 year olds.

Here we go:

Coach “A”…

Here are his strengths: He is a mild mannered man who truly loves kids. He is soft spoken, gentle with the kids and gets along with everyone. He doesn’t scream at the referees and he conducts himself with a lot of maturity. You watch him from the bleachers and know that your child has a great role model in this coach and that character development is the priority here.  He is someone that you trust to be with your kids and to lead other kids. He has a good understanding of the game and understands the fundamentals and basic strategies of the game.

Here are his weaknesses: He doesn’t push the kids hard enough. Although you feel comfortable with him with your kids, under your breath you are crying out, “Please teach my kids more, and please motivate them to work harder and play with more passion.” He sits on the bench during the games just watching the kids play, and is quiet. He doesn’t use his timeouts to gather the kids and draw up new plays for a strategic game situation. He isn’t creative with his coaching style and it seems boring. It just doesn’t look like he has much passion for the game or for teaching the kids. He doesn’t show much enthusiasm and fire.

Coach “B”…

Here are his strengths:  He is very energetic. He loves the game and he loves to teach. It is very obvious that he is really passionate for your kids to learn. He is creative with how he coaches and motivates the kids by his never ending encouragement. During the games he is always on his feet yelling out instructions and cheering. He uses all his allotted timeouts as a learning tool to teach different strategies for strategic moments of the game. He works hard and with energy to teach the fundamentals of the game. Although he is a “yeller” and is very excitable, he is not demeaning to the kids. As a matter of fact, he deeply loves each and every one of the them.

Here are his weaknesses: He can get too excited. As a matter of fact gets an occasional technical foul at games because he is riding and complaining to the refs too much. He gets so excited during games that sometimes that carries over to the kids in a way that they become too nervous and sometimes out of control. The kids watch him complain at the refs and follow his lead and often times yell at the refs leading to the kids getting technical fouls as well.


And, there you have it, two different styles of coaching. One laid back and one full of energy. They both love kids and the parents trust the safety of the kids to the coach, but there definitely are some pros and cons to each method.

You only have these two choices, with the given extremes, so, make your choice. Which coach do you sign up your kid to play under for an 8 week season…  Coach A or Coach B?

Email me and give me your vote and why!


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