Sunday, September 27, 2020
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Thanks for your patience in waiting for the results of the last “YOU MAKE THE CALL” a few weeks ago.
Let’s do a quick review:
Nine-year-old Brandon gets double booked. He has a very important baseball game and a school function on the same night and at the same time.
For the sake of space, I will not include all the factors related in the decision process. I will say, however, that it was a tough decision for this family and one that brought lots of advice from you, the readers.
The envelope please…
44% thought that Brandon should go to the volcano school event.
30% thought that Brandon should make the decision himself.
13% thought that Brandon should go and pitch in his important baseball game.
13% had a wide range of different kinds of advice.
And some noteworthy quotes…
1. For the school function:
“Volcano easily wins over baseball. There are kids on Brandon’s team that are just dying to get in some playing time, but can’t because Brandon is the coach/dad’s “pet player”.

”School should always come first. Ball games are a hobby, school is a necessity.”

”Just the fact that you are asking this question continues to affirm my opinion of the appalling culture this country has concerning sports. I hope this young man makes a difference in the world by using our science resources to save the world energy instead of making millions of dollars by hitting a home run and then spending it all bailing out of jail….”
2. For making his own decision:
”There is no right or wrong answer, it sounds like this kid is well rounded and is accountable for everything he does, so it’s his decision which to do.”
“At 9 years old, Brandon should be considered old enough to make this choice. It is so much better that Brandon live with results of his own choice than to live with the resentment of having this decided for him.
3. For playing baseball:
“Baseball wins hands down. After all, he has already done the learning, designing, testing, etc.”
“This is a no brainer. Brandon needs to video tape his part of the presentation for the school. His team is depending on him. The school project is done and admired. His team still has some work to do.”
And from the “are you kidding me” department…
1.“First off, I heard the Yankees were looking for a new 9-year-old prospect, so you may want to get him a try-out soon. Secondly, I would definitely have to suggest that Brandon attend the baseball game. Having played baseball for almost all of my life, I understand the gravity of the coveted 9-year-old league championship… I hope my advice has been helpful, and if you would like it again, just write another ridiculous article and I am sure you will hear from me.”

2. “Are you kidding me? Are you serious? Sometimes the situation dictates the right choice. It is a bad stance to lock in the idea that sports always comes second. Maybe whatever he had committed to first needs to be honored, even if that trumps the school activity.”

Thanks for all the input on this. It was fun and interesting hearing all the different perspectives… even the sarcasm brought a chuckle.
Brandon did the volcano presentation, and made it to the game in time to watch his team win the victory. He felt good knowing that he hadn’t let his classmates down, and his team won without him. It was a good lesson for him to realize that he is not indespensible to his team. These are the seemingly small conflicts that bring tension and conflict into what otherwise appears to be a peaceful home. There’s often more to consider than the pat answers…

Wouldn’t it be something to see a Brandon 10 years from now playing for the Yankees and coming up with solutions to save our world energy in the off season?

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