Sunday, September 27, 2020
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I read your column and want to say that I have never disagreed with your viewpoint on any issue. I wish that every coach was required to read your column. Regarding this week’s column about an idiot coach at a soccer game, it reminded me of several soccer games that I attended. At a tournament, my son’s team played a really good team and while we were more skilled, they had much greater speed. The field had a lot of puddles on it from rain the night before and that really slowed the game down and we won because of it. That threw the other team into the loser’s bracket. We went on and won in the winner’s bracket until the final game where the speedy team had won the loser’s bracket and was again playing us. The field had dried out and they beat us because of their great speed. The team was very good, but their coach sucked. He cursed and yelled all through both games. When they beat us at the end, the coach pulled down his pants and mooned our side. At another game during the regular season, I witnessed a coach with a similar poor attitude who, about half way through the game, which he was losing, pulled his team and went home. This coach screamed and yelled at his kids and at the ref the whole time. His excuse for leaving was that the ref was unfairly penalizing his team and playing favorites. The ref didn’t know either team. He was from a different town and different league and wasn’t even making bad calls.

When you have a coach like this, the league that he coaches for should sanction him or her.

Keep the great columns coming.

Sue Hershey
Chambersburg, PA

Thank you Sue for your encouragement to me and also for letting me in on this “nasty” story!

ARE YOU KIDDING ME? This guy needs to find a different way to spend his free time. What could he be thinking? This coach is teaching these kids the complete opposite of humility? How does he think these kids will now act when they encounter adversity? Does he think that taking your pants off and “mooning” someone is the correct response?

I hope that someone contacted the leagues officials and reported this coach and gave a full description of what happened.

As a matter of fact, I hope someone called the police to report a man with inappropriate behavior in front of kids. Isn’t “mooning” be defined under the category of indecent exposure? Isn’t “mooning defined under the category of stupidity?

Come on coaches, stop it! Stop acting like the children. We are the adults. We are the ones to teach and to nurture and to equip for the future. This is so much more important than winning.

The truth is that most kids when they get to high school or college don’t even remember if they won a certain game back when they were 8 years old. Even if they won a league championship at some point, the trophy that they got has fallen off the shelf 20 times, is broken and probably in the junk yard somewhere or given as a “white elephant” gift at an office party.

The win/lose memory comes and goes quickly, but the vision these poor kids have of the “back end” of their coach will last forever.

Why do you think that 70% of all kids drop out of sports by the age of 13? Well, it’s not because they lost a game due to wet grass on a certain Saturday morning back when they were in kindergarten.

You are also right when you say that youth officials don’t care who wins. They don’t take sides. They just want to get their $20 cash at the end of the game, and to go home so they can study for their math test coming up on Monday.

It is possible though that these youth officials might take sides when it comes to an obnoxious, idiot coach who exposes his “back end” to them.

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