Tuesday, December 10, 2019
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You Made the Call!

Last week I asked you to make the call on this situation (In short): David, who will be a senior in high school in the fall, has to make a decision. Should he play soccer for two weeks this summer on a European tour? If he goes with the traveling team to Europe, he misses two crucial weeks of football practice. He is starting quarter-back and defensive back on the varsity team.

Should he go to Europe? The response was unanimous. Here is a small sampling of excerpts from the many emails I received:

“… it is a no brainer. Go to Europe and play soccer for the once in a lifetime experience. The football coach is one dimensional.” TS

“He should follow his heart hands down, what he loves, what he will enjoy, what he will remember for the rest of his life. To pass on this opportunity would only provide a life time of What if?” DM

“I am a retired football coach and Athletic Director form Wisconsin, wit records and state titles of success. So I understand the situation, but never would I expect a young athlete to give up this experience to play soccer… He will be a better person and athlete for the experience.” Bob Coy

“David should take the trip to Europe. If his coach will not share him for two weeks, he is not worth playing for.” DT

“Coaches need to put these student athletes’ future before their own selfish wants. So David, I’m advising you to accept and enjoy the soccer experience. You as a student athlete should also expect your football coach to be mature enough to work with you for this once in a lifetime sports trip.” KC- AZ high school Coach/Teacher

“High school is the time for teens to spread their wings and join as many different programs as possible. I have been a high school football official for almost 30 years, and know full well how positive playing on a team can be for a child. By all means, David must take the trip. It’s an adventure he’ll never forget. And to the coach, I say shame on you!” AM

“Hi Tom, it’s granny again. In my opinion, the young man should take the opportunity to travel to Europe. Adults are often swayed by that carrot of scholarships and of course the kid’s “big chance” at a pro career. … Don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy what you love!” SM

“We had a family discussion about this… I would find it hard to believe that a football player of this young man’s skill level and accomplishments would be that adversely affected by missing two weeks of training over this summer… The Europe trip is an amazing life experience… we feel the f/b coach is being selfish. David should go on the trip with no guilt or regrets.” The B family

“I have two points to offer. One the football coach has his own agenda and is using his coaching position to promote his personal agenda rather than putting the student’s interest first. Two, sports can be ruined by selfishness, whether in the form of greed that has undermined the professional sports, or in the form of win-at-any-cost attitude that so often assaults kid’s sports. …Conclusion: the student should do what he loves. He’ll probably not have another opportunity to tour Europe playing his favorite sport. By the way, isn’t cross-training helpful? DH

“David should go to Europe. If he is as talented in football as you state, then the college scholarship will be there. Tell David to watch “The Last Lecture” and then make his mind up. It’s available for viewing on the Internet.” SG

Great call everyone!

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