Friday, June 5, 2020
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It’s time for another “YOU MAKE THE CALL”…..
Like always, I will give you the situation then you email me back with your best answer for this real life situation. This is just one notch above reality TV.
Ok, here we go…..
I am the master of being “double booked”. And, as a matter of fact, I usually do it to myself. But, what do you do as a parent when it happens to your 9 year old son?
Brandon like so many kids in our American culture is already trying to juggle a very busy life. He has all those important things like recess, food fights at lunch, feeding the dog, and making his bed, to fit in on a daily basis. He manages it all pretty well, but it’s what’s going on now that has put him over the limit. Yes, he got “double booked”!
Here is the deal:
Brandon is one of the best players on his baseball team. He is the pitcher and is a leader on the team. He loves to play baseball, and he has had a very successful season. The season is winding down and he has just a few games left before the play-offs begin.
The team has developed a lot of positive chemistry and everyone is excited about this season and the upcoming play-offs. Obviously, Brandon is a big part of that team and they really look to him for his skills and leadership.
The big game this Thursday will determine the placement for the upcoming play off tournament.
Did I mention that his dad is the coach?
The problem is that at that exact same time this Thursday, he has a school function. As well as being a very good athlete and baseball player, he is also a very good student. So good, that he is in the accelerated academic program at his school, the gifted program. The gifted program he is in at his school has some very exciting things going on. This high achieving group of 9 year olds engineered and built a volcano model that really works, a phenomenal project that took a lot of team effort and work.
The project teacher has invited the school, and all the parents and relatives to witness the kid’s workmanship and the volcanic eruption. Each of the students who made this volcano will have a special prepared part in the presentation.
So, Brandon is needed at the same time of his important baseball game to do his part in presenting the volcano.
Neither the coach (or should I say dad) nor the teacher (fortunately not related) are willing to budge on who gets Brandon’s talents, and who will miss out.
If this doesn’t get worked out soon, there may be a different kind of eruption, not coming from the volcano this time.
So, you make the call. Does Brandon go pitch some scoreless innings, and hit a few home runs, or does he go to the volcano presentation and join that team of achieving scholars?
What would you choose? What is the right thing to do?
Email me your answers. I’m anxious to hear what you think!

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