Friday, June 5, 2020
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What if………
HEADLINES: Youth Basketball League “Lock-out”!
What if the NBA lockout trickled down to the youth level?
What if there were no basketball leagues for kids to play in on Saturdays?
What would be the main points of negotiation?
Hey, if the NBA can do it then why not kids leagues as well? I can only imagine what that would look like. I can picture these eight to ten year old kids dressed up their a long sleeve shirts, basketball shoes, and clip on ties, being dropped off at the local Motel, representing their teams as the negotiation meetings begin.
Of course there will be three breaks during the day. Two breaks for recess and a quick game of kick ball. The other break will be for lunch; the provided lunch being PB&Js, chocolate milk, cheese puffs and a cookie. (The kindergarten representatives will also be taking a forth break for nap time.)
Here are the possible line items:
1. We demand that all parents and coaches treat the referees with the same manners that our parents tell us to use. No more yelling at them and making them feel bad. The words “please” and “thank you” must be used at all times. It makes us sad to see grownups yelling at a high school kid who just wants to be nice and help.
2. We want all kids to get the same amount of playing time. We feel bad for our friends whose parents pay the money just like everyone else and then they don’t even get to play in the games.
3. We don’t want to run laps or do push-ups anymore for missing free throws. For some reason that method does not help us make more. How about making us shoot more free throws at practice instead? We think that this is a “more better” idea.
4. No more granola bars with oatmeal and raisins for the after game snack. We want snow cones only from now on. And they have to be rainbow flavor. We promise we won’t throw them in the bushes when no one is looking like we do those granola bars.
5. We don’t think that our allowance should decrease if we make too many mistakes. That isn’t fair.
6. We want to have one “family night” each week, even if it means someone has to miss a practice. We even promise to clear and wash the dishes, and put the games away after we are all finished.

7. We want all coaches to promise not to ever yell at the worst player on the team and make him feel like he made us lose the game. It makes us feel really, really sad when our friend cries.
8. We want all dads to play basketball with their kids at home in the driveway just for fun sometimes. We just want to play fun games and goof around and laugh a lot, and not have to count how many shots we made and figure out our shooting percentage.
9. We don’t want our parents to be proud of us only because we played good, won, or made a lot of baskets. We want them to be proud of us just for trying our best.
10. Oh yeah, one more thing…as far as the “BRI”, (basketball related income). We will not play any more games unless we get 50% of how much money is collected at the snack bar each Saturday. We need a raise in our allowance.

What kinds of messages does a lockout send to our kids? What are we teaching them to value? May we keep our priorities in order when it comes to kids and sports.

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