Monday, July 6, 2020
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It’s time again for a “YOU MAKE THE CALL”……….
Here are the facts:
Yates High School in Texas is a scoring machine. They put hundreds of points on the board with a pressing, full court, fight to the end style of play.
There is nothing wrong with that, right? The problem comes when they score 170 and their opponent scores 35. That’s right, no misprint. A difference of (hold it, let me get my calculator) 135 points.
The Lions broke the state all time single game scoring record held by Hardin-Jefferson of 166 points set in 1992.
Last season Yates head coach Greg Wise led his team to the 4A state title.
This year it is more than a repeat trophy they are after. Several more records are on the scope:
1. Yates is averaging 119 points per game with the national record being only 114.6.
2. The national record for consecutive 100 point games is 14. Yates is at 3 right now.
3. The national single game scoring record is 211.
Senior guard Joseph Young said that they are trying to get all of those records, and oh yea, perhaps win the national title along the way.
Whoops, misplaced priorities….Shouldn’t they be going after the national title first, maybe breaking some records along the way?
Coach Wise wants his opponents to know that he plays all 15 of his players. He also wants them to know that he will not ask his bench players to not play hard.
I agree at this point. I have had lop-sided games many times and have not asked my 3rd players to “go easy”. That isn’t fair for them. Who wants to sit all game for many games and then when it is time to play, you have to play half speed?
My problem with all this is the style that is played when way out in front. No one wants to be in a game that is decided by more than 100 points, on either side. But there is a way to continue that can show integrity and respect.
I think that, with a huge lead, putting on a full court press, trapping, and forcing turn-over, is over the edge. You need to go back into your half court defense and play hard and attack the ball as they bring the ball to you.
This is also a great time to practice those things you need to work on and haven’t mastered yet as a team. This is the time to work on those areas of weakness that need improvement to become a better team and to become better individual players. But then, who wants to do that when you can go out and break records?
Are there new plays that you want to work on to get ready for the play offs? Is there a new defensive set that you want to try out to see if it works? What about playing the guys at positions that they are unfamiliar with to help them become more well-rounded players?
There are many things to be worked on rather than running and gunning and pouring on the score.
I say play hard, play with integrity and honor, and go after the national title. Oh yeah, and maybe break a few records along the way.
Ok, now you make the call. What do you think? Let me know!

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