Monday, January 27, 2020
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What are the strange, crazy, and stupid things going on with youth sports that drive you nuts? What are your “pet peeves”?
Here are a few of mine (in random order):
 At the end of a close game, the coach decides that a bad call from the referee is worth going into a tirade over and causes a scene and gets a technical foul. This technical foul gives the other team the lead and ultimately the win. Who does this coach think that he is to steal the show and making this game about him, and taking it away from the kids?
 Coaches that curse and swear when they’re with the kids. I am a huge fan of coaches being excited and yelling with enthusiasm when it is for encouraging or barking out instructions. Who ever told these coaches that profanity is ok?
 Have you ever been in a coffee shop with a friend or just hanging out and everything that is said somehow ends up leading into him talking about his kids and their sports quests or accomplishments? Does that not drive you nuts as well? Come on, there’s got to be more important things in life to talk about!
 How about the parent on the other end of the spectrum, the one that never has any interest in being involved with their kids at all. He never plays catch in the backyard, shoot baskets on the driveway, and plays one-on-one soccer until he can’t breathe anymore? These are those “hallmark” moments that he will someday have regrets that he missed.
 How about that parent who wants their kid to get a college sports scholarship so bad that pressure and guilt and shame become the motivating tools? Then they wonder why the kid gives up by age 13 and never plays that sport again.
 Let’s not forget about that special parent that sits in the stands and yells at the refs and complains that the refs are paid by the other team and are cheating for that team. Come on, do you really think that a high school aged referee cares who wins the 3rd grade soccer game? He just wants his $10 so that he can buy a burger for lunch on his way home.
 How about that parent in the stands yelling instructions, encouraging, and cheering only for his kid? Can’t you cheer on the team? In case your kid hasn’t told you, I will. You are embarrassing him.
 I just saw this the other day…. a parent, during the game yelling at his daughter (for everyone to hear) to not do what the coach asked her to do, and to tell her coach that she is wrong with that strategy plan. Really?
 I hate it when parents get so loud and intense and irate and obnoxious that the atmosphere in the air is so tense and ugly that what once was a fun event has turned into an uptight, edgy, and unbelievably sad situation.
 I hated being instructed by the referees to remove one of my “out of control” parents from the soccer field before the game could continue. Come on parents, we sign up to coach your kids, not to be your anger management counselor.
Ok, there is my short list. What do you think?
Now it’s your turn. Send me your list of youth sports “pet peeves”. If you have kids that play on a team, I am sure you have experienced something “ugly”, so send it to me:
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