Tuesday, December 10, 2019
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Having children that play sports, as well as a husband who coaches, I enjoy your articles.

Now that we are headed into the National Little League All-Star Baseball season I just wanted to throw a question/investigative reporting subject out to you. How are the managers of these All-Star teams chosen? Is there a league standard? And specifically, is it okay to have a manager of an All-Star team that has been ejected from Little League games during the season be chosen?

Just throwing the article idea out there!! :) Thanks for taking the time to read this e-mail.

Concerned mom

I’m glad you enjoy my articles, thanks for letting me know.
I really have a hard time believing that the board of directors of that league would allow a coach with game ejections to manage or coach an all star team. In my opinion the kids should be chosen not only on their athletic performance but also with some character, attitude, sportsmanship, and coach-ability thrown into the equation for all-star selection as well.
If the kids are held to these standards than how much more should the adult, team leader and role model be as well?
What would be his response (and/or credibility) to one of his players getting kicked out of a game for poor sportsmanship during an all star game?
I talked with a Little League president to find out what the national rules were for this situation.
There were only 2 that were found in the “rules and regulations” book:
1. The president of the league shall not serve as manager or coach.
2. The all-star manager or coach must have coached or managed during that season.
“Each individual league has a board of directors that establish the bylaws for the selection process for their all star managers”, this Little League President told me.
Other than the 2 national rules, each league establishes its own guidelines; in this particular league, the all-star coach is usually the one whose team has won the championship for that season
So, my guess is that your league bylaws allow this manager to coach even after game ejections. WHOOPS!
After all, isn’t that one of the ways a coach demonstrates his love and support for his players; by being the “martyr” and getting kicked out of the game? The ol’ “I’ll take the hit and get kicked out of the game to teach these kids that standing up for what they believe in can come with some painful but needed consequences” attitude. WHOOPS!
Isn’t it important for these kids to learn that temper tantrums and acting like a four year old is the appropriate way to handle tough situations? WHOOPS!
As a matter of fact, I think that all kids should go on snow cone strikes in protest against poor youth officiating, especially when these officials and umpires are volunteer 16-year-old kids. WHOOPS!
This is a great subject that needs to be addressed by all leagues boards of directors. Establishing and defining bylaws that help to clarify the all important role of the coach, including character and role modeling, is critical and should be a priority. Sometimes coaches wiggle their way into a position that shouldn’t be.
So, to this coach I say, “WHOOPS”!

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