Sunday, September 27, 2020
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It’s time for another installment of “you make the call”.

Recently I went to a high school basketball game, and I feel compelled to tell the story of what I witnessed and to get your feedback:

It was early in the game when suddenly everyone in the stands started yelling, “Hey, ref, they have 6 players on the court!”

Yes, it was obvious to everyone watching the game that the visiting team had 6 players on the court.

This is an obvious infraction of a basic rule. This is a technical foul. It was not done on purpose, but communication broke down between the coach and the players as to who was to be in the game.

Parents from both teams saw it, the cheerleaders saw it, the security guy at the door saw it, the snack bar attendant saw it, and even both mascots saw it. Everyone saw it except for two: the two men wearing the stripes. How could the referees not see something so blatant in basketball?

Finally the referees stopped the game to figure out what the uproar was about. They went to the scorer’s table to get the scoop.

They then came out to half court after a five minute conference and made the call to the now silenced and curious crowd:

“Technical foul on the visiting team for having six players on the court!”

This caused the already emotional visiting team’s parents to go into chaos. It was pandemonium on that side of the gym. I had my phone ready for the 911 call, as it looked like one dad was going to have a heart attack from his reaction to the call.

At this point, nothing the refs could do was good enough for those fans-and especially that “cardiac-arrest-in-making” dad. They jumped up, gesturing and waving their arms in protest of every call.

It got bad enough that security had to ask “Mr. Heart Attack Dad” to leave the gym. He was escorted out, which only increased the rage and anger from the parents.

Now the sad part: the temper tantrums displayed in the stands by the adults rippled out to the kids on the court. Mean and “dirty” play with a bad attitude toward the referees was their response. You could see the frustration in the play of the visiting team, as pushing and throwing elbows were displayed. It was easy to see how “like father like son” was played out.

So, here is where you get to make the call, and please send me your take.


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