Friday, January 18, 2019
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Just read your article in the Public Opinion…I’ll try not to rip you too much.  Ha-ha


Not knowing who the ”Team 1″ coach is, I have to defend the coach just a little.  You call him a bad coach for flying off the handle at the refs & “depriving” the kids of 3mins.  I am not defending his actions toward the officials, I coach girls basketball at the high school level and on the national AAU scene, and there have been many a time that I’ve wanted to really give an official a piece of my mind.  You need to respect the officials 1st and foremost.

But where I need to defend is what do we know about the coach??  He can fly off the handle to officials…. did we talk to parents after this game?  Are you a parent of a player from “Team 1″?  Is this common for this coach??  How are practices?  Are the kids learning and being taught in a practice setting??  Are players developing under this coach?

You rip a coach and publicly call him a bad coach because he flew off the handle…yet we don’t know if the kids are getting better.


And then you go on and talk about a coach who built up this baseball team and turned boys to men.  That’s great!!  But we don’t know how long this baseball coach was in the game for…you don’t think he might have gone off the deep end with an ump once or twice???  Unless this team has never lost, I find it hard to believe that a baseball manager can never fly off the handle with an ump.  Would he be considered a bad coach because he might have gone off on an umpire?  According to you no.  And I would agree…unless his teams never won and his players never got better.


There’s more that goes into coaching than a short fuse before I call someone a bad coach or a good coach.


Josh Steck



Thank you so much for your response.  You have some very good points.  I think the place I was amiss was in declaring a sweeping “Good Coach Bad Coach” title to these coaches.   So, true, we don’t know everything about the coach or his record, but it’s never appropriate to blow a fuse on an official.  I don’t care what the record is, these are third and fourth graders.  It’s not the record that defines a coach at this age… it’s life lessons and teaching the game.  A good coach honors the authority he is placed under, and has the desire to teach the same to the kids.  A good coach keeps the priorities straight and learns how to make the proper adjustments to the officiating.  Much of our character is revealed when we are put in adverse situations, and in my opinion, coaching has everything to do with character.   As always, there is much more to a story than what we see on the surface, but we need to be aware of the fact that much of our character is revealed in adverse situations.  In my opinion, a coach’s character is foundational to all the other components of training.  So while there is much on the surface that is unseen in one game situation, it is wise to take what bursts forth in tight, stressful situations, evaluate, and address the real issues.

Thanks again for your input… keep your thoughts coming!  I love it!

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