Thursday, June 27, 2019
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Dad: “Aaron, grab the diaper bag, Steven, you get Sophia’s bottle and formula!”
Aaron: “Dad, when is mom coming home from Grandma’s? This is craziness.”
Dad: “She’ll be home tonight, Grandma’s feeling much better, but now we just have to get in the car… let’s go! Everybody buckled up?”
Aaron: “Yeah, but Sophia’s car seat isn’t in here.”
Dad: “In mom’s car from last night. You guys stay here, I’ll go get it.”
Dad: “Ok, got it, here we go.”
Aaron: “Uh oh, Sophia just pooped, and it stinks really bad.”
Dad: “Sophia are you kidding me, I just changed your diaper ten minutes ago. Ok, everyone stay put, I’m going to do a record diaper change and be back quick.”
Aaron: “Yeah, but dad, it’s leaking out the diaper and into the car seat.”
Dad: “Steven, you get the baby wipes and when I take Sophia out, you wipe it down. Here we go, everybody move fast.”
Dad: “I just broke the record for a diaper change and a “spit bath”, let’s go. Wow, it stinks in here, Steven didn’t you wipe it down?
Steven: “But we only had one wipee left”
Dad: “Ok, no biggie, everybody just hold your breath. We got to go.”
Aaron: “Do we still get to get donuts?”
Dad: “No time, I’m the coach and the coach can’t be late on opening day.”
Steven: “Yeah, but dad you promised and said I could get the one with the sprinkles on it, remember?”
Dad: “Oh yeah, I did didn’t I? Ok, then, a quick donut run, we’ll go thru the drive through. Everybody know what you want, so we can make it fast.”
Dad: “Alright, everybody got your donut in a napkin, ‘cause we gotta eat on the run. Can’t be late, first game!”
Dad: “We’re going to be a little late, so, Steven put your glove on now so you can hop out and run straight to the field.”
Steven: “Glove? Uh oh…”
Dad: “Really? Tell me you’re kidding! Everybody hang on, we’re going back!”
Steven: “I can’t find it!”
Dad: “Did you check behind your bed?”
Steven: “Yeah, and it’s not in the toy box either.”
Dad: “What about next to the wood pile? Under the couch? Beside the toilet?”
Steven: “I looked everywhere, I can’t find it.”
Dad: “Ok, Steven, you keep looking, Aaron, you run next door and ask if we can borrow Eli’s.”
Aaron: “Dad, Eli has a baby glove, it’s like all plastic”
Dad: “It doesn’t matter now, let’s go, quickly. We’ll be lucky if we make if before the first inning starts. Guess I don’t get to give my pre-game pep talk.”
Aaron: “Got it!”
Dad: “Ok, everybody buckle up, we can still make the first pitch. I hope Chuck steps up to the plate and gets the boys started for me.
Steven: “He doesn’t get to play he’s a dad!”
Dad: “Hey, why is Sophia crying, can someone give her the pacifier?”
Steven: “Um, it fell out.”
Dad: “What do you mean fell out?”
Steven: “When I got out to look for my glove, it fell out.”
Dad: “No way. Why didn’t you tell me?”
Steven: “I didn’t want you to miss the first pitch.”
Dad: “Ok, she’ll be fine, we’re almost there, Aaron, can you give her a bottle?”
Dad: “Ok, wait a minute… Where is everyone? Aaron what does that sign say?”
Steven: “Hey look, I found my glove! It was under the seat the whole time!”

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