Tuesday, December 10, 2019
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What a great article on June 4th. It was really great to hear a story
of success for hanging in there and working hard. Our son Nick used the same
line on us this year when he tried out for the basketball team
again- “Michael Jordan didn’t make it his freshman year!” Can’t argue
with that . After reading that article, the writing is on the wall,
this year we will hear- “Coulton didn’t make it his first three
Thanks for the encouragement for those kids who just love to
play the sport.
I have been coaching kids for 28 years, from Assistant Varsity coach, head JV coach, JV assistant coach, Freshman coach, and coaching K-8 graders for Football, Basketball, Baseball, and Soccer. I have coached at every level, except college. I have coached all 6 of my children, 4 girls and two boys. I played Football, Basketball, and Baseball in high school, and also played college baseball.
Truly, the rewards in coaching is seeing kids achieve a skill and have success at what they are doing. Good coaches are a rare breed of people who know how to motivate kids, give proper instruction to kids, and put them in positions that will make them successful.

This is my last year, because my son is an 8th grader and will go to high school next year. I have enjoyed my experience and I know I have motivated and encouraged many kids over the years. I always approached my coaching as a job; that I could be fired at anytime.

Things to remember about most coaches:

1) Giving of time to coach
2) Giving of money to support those who can’t afford to play
3) Giving of time to prepare the fields to play on
4) Giving of self, for those who don’t have a father or strong adult figure in their lives
5) Giving of respect of the game.
6) Picking up and taking home of kids that don’t have rides.
7) Feeding kids and bringing drinks for those who forget.

My kids are better people, because they see their father give to others unconditionally in coaching, friendship, discipline, encouragement, and motivation. We have to be great role models for our children and other people’s children. We need to be given more respect, than what has been given.

This is a great coaching success story. Not defined by college scholarships or being selected to the all region teams. It’s all about being encouraged and affirmed to keep moving forward.

Youth sports can provide a wide range of resources to help our kids prepare for their journey ahead. Coaches, team-mates referees, fans, opponents, and stories of other kids can all be used to inspire our kids.

Using the platform of sports to prepare our kids for their future is a beautiful tool. Remember youth sports include so many options now. We can look way beyond the traditional team soprts like basketball, football, soccer, and baseball to find tots of recreational activities that can be used to influence our kids.

Winning the 2nd grade soccer championship is an exciting time, but soon to be forgotten. It’s the impact from positive coaches, the relationship and learned life skills that will last forever.

Thank you to all of you who provide this for our kids!

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