Saturday, May 25, 2019
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Two good responses from the article on how a bad attitude can affect a team and whether or not you can have a good season with a contagious bad attitude:

I read your article on ‘good attitude trumps talent’–I had an experience with that when my son was playing in a 13-15yr league, I had the 1st pick of the draft and got the best 15yr old. After 2 games where he only got to pitch in 1of them, he decided not to show up, so I called him, he basically said he didn’t like the way I coached because he felt he should be pitching every game, but I told him I had 4-5other kids that wanted to pitch, plus a couple others that wanted to try, so to say the least we didn’t see him the rest of the season, which turned out ok, team wasn’t great, but the other kids got to play other positions and weren’t stressed because of his ‘ATTITUDE —so I’ll take good attitude any time –thanks for the article.
Sincerely yours, Pete Rhode

Another great article! To me the real question is the age. We need to remember this is a 10 year old. That is really young still.
Does winning at that age matter? Most 10 year olds are not even in the majors of their Little League yet. I might see this a little
different than others because I hate to see a talent be ruined by a bad attitude. I would enjoy coaching a kid like this, not because winning is so important, but for the challenge of salvaging this child’s possible career or at least prolonged playing time in a game I hope he is enjoying. I feel a 10 year old will listen if you coach him in a way that he can relate to. Telling this kid to shape up or he is out will not work with most kids. There is a reason he has this attitude. (Parents or some kind of mental situation somewhere in his life).
Coach the kid like you really care and make him understand where a good attitude is on the importance scale for being a good athlete.
Let him also know this attitude, if kept up, could cut into his playing time also. These types of kids are coach able still.
Heck it worked for the Bad News Bears and they did not even have a good coach.

Dan Compton
Great feedback! I’d love to hear more reader responses on this… agree or disagree?

And for all you Fennville followers:
The run comes to an end. But what a great run it was. On Monday, March 14th, The Fennville Blackhawks were finally eliminated from the Michigan Class C basketball post-season tournament with a final record of 23-1.
The 3 preceding games:
Fennville 65, Lawrence 54
Fennville 79, Bangor 50
Fennville 51, Covert 48

This loss to Schoolcraft High School (62-86) wasn’t near as impactful as the loss they experienced a few weeks earlier on March 3rd.
Right after Wes Leonard made the last second game winning shot; he collapsed and died shortly after of a cardiac arrest brought on by dilated cardiomyopathy, or an enlarged heart. To watch the team and community join together says so much about the priorities in life. This sad story can only remind us that youth sports must take a second place to relationships and the importance of friends and family.
Way to go Blackhawks!

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