Thursday, June 27, 2019
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Well, all good things must come to an end. And so it is for 23-year-old Guerdwich Montimere, or should I say 16-year-old Jerry Joseph?
Montimere was recently sentenced to 3 years in prison, pleading guilty to two counts of sexual assault and three counts of tampering with government records.
What he did was pose as a ninth grader using the name of Jerry Joseph at Permian High School in Odessa, Texas when he was 21 years old. He played on the varsity basketball team for the Panthers leading them to the state playoffs.
I saw clips of him playing and I thought, “Wow, that kid can dunk the ball as a freshman, and plays way above his age”. Whoops!
He would have been 20 years old when he was at the junior high level.
He would have been 18 years old in the 6th grade.
That puts him at age 12 when he was in kindergarten. That’s what I call holding your kid back a few years before starting school.
So, here are a few indicators for school district officials to help them recognize when a student might not be in the right grade level:
1. His knees don’t fit under his desk.
2. When coloring he really could stay between the lines.
3. When the other children are playing Duck-Duck-Goose at recess, he hops the fence and dominates the PE classes at the neighboring Jr. High.
4. At the annual class outing to McDonalds, instead of ordering the “happy meal” with the fun toy inside, he orders the “Big Mac “ meal deal, supersized with a side of onion rings.
5. He sings the base part in the Christmas program.
1. When the other kids get off the bus, he gets out of his own car.
2. He already dunks the ball when the other kids are really happy just to hit the net.
3. He wears that red pin on his shirt that says, “I voted today!”
4. His beard!
1. He races to the bathroom everyday at 3:00 to shave his afternoon shadow.
2. When they go out for pizza after the game, and the others get root beer, he leaves off the root.
3. He is allowed into R rated movies.
4. His 401-K picks up 10%.
This just shows you the power that youth sports have and the risk people are willing to take to be successful. You can see how this desire and drive can easily get out of control.

Hey on a positive ending note…. I said that I would keep you all updated on how the Martensdale-St.Marys High School baseball team did in the state playoffs, after breaking the national high school baseball winning streak of 84 games. Well, no big surprise, they went undefeated in the playoffs winning the Iowa State 1A championship and extending the winning streak to 87 games. Congratulations to Coach Justin Dehmer and the Blue Devils!

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